NHS Update

By Eilidh

The last few weeks have seen lots of activity in the campaign against the proposed NHS changes; with Action Duchenne joining health professional groups in calling for the Health and Social Care Bill to be dropped, over 150,00 people signing an e-petition opposing the bill,  influential blog Conservative Home coming out against the bill, (saying it could cost the Conservatives the next election), and the controversy around yesterday’s ‘summit’ at which key groups opposing the bill weren’t invited to.

It’s been great to see so many groups clearly stating that they want the bill to be dropped, with our position recognised by the British Medical Association.

With 58% of people in a survey published today saying they don’t understand the government’s planned changes to the health service, and two thirds saying that they didn’t trust the government’s handling of the NHS, it’s clear that we aren’t alone in being seriously concerned about the bill and it’s impact.

The BBC has produced a helpful guide to the the proposed changes.

Tomorrow, there is a a really important NHS vote in Parliament, as MPs will vote on whether or not to demand the publication of a government report into the risks facing the NHS.

Please take two minutes to sign 38 Degrees action to ask your MP to vote to make sure the report is released.


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